Monthly Meetings

The club has monthly public meetings for nine months of the year on the first Thursday of the month with presentations from experts on gardening, a plant raffle and refreshments. Meetings are at Burlingame Hall, 252 W Spain St, Sonoma, CA 95476.

Please Pay Your Annual Dues

VOMGC annual dues were due January 1st, 2022. Please pay $25 by check payable to VOMGC: PO. Box 501, Vineburg, CA 95487.

Spring Plant Sale
Saturday April 23, 9 AM-Noon
Altimira Middle School

17805 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, CA

The Spring Plant Sale is held outdoors at Altimira Middle School on Arnold Drive, just south of Boyes Boulevard, Sonoma. Please enter at the south end of the circle drive. Cash and checks only.

Vegetable starts, flowering plants, and succulents are sold in 4” pots at very reasonable prices. Garden club members will have plants taken from their gardens to offer also, some bushes and trees.

Proceeds from the sale will benefit Sonoma Valley school gardens and a high school scholarship.

The club has donated gardening books to school libraries, supplies all school gardens with plants, has given a food preserving class, established the Tranquil Garden at Sonoma Valley Hospital, continually maintains the Sassarini School garden, and has donated to Larsen Park Garden.

May Meeting: Dennis Przybycien, Watering Recommendations During Drought Restrictions
Thursday. May 5th, 7 pm

Due to our Mediterranean climate, frequent drought conditions, and perhaps climate change we will be required to reduce our water use. Our landscape is a place where we can easily reduce water usage from 20 to 40%. This presentation provides recommendations to conserve water in our vegetable gardens, lawns, shrubs, and trees.

Many of us have converted our irrigations systems to automated drip systems.  Hints are presented to optimize these systems to adequately, but not overwater our gardens.

The garden water meter is described as a useful tool to help understand your plant water requirements

Dennis Przybycien: Biography

My wife Olga and I have been members of the Valley of the Moon Garden Club since we moved to Sonoma more than 20 years ago.  For three years I served as the President of the club.

My background is:

  • Retired research chemist for Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp.
  • Earned an AA degree in ornamental horticulture
  • A member of the Sonoma Master Gardeners since 2009
  • I planted and maintained a vineyard, orchard, vegetable garden, and ornamental garden on a large property in the Diamond A district on Sonoma Mountain.  We have since sold that property, and moved into an urban home in Sonoma, and have been modifying the garden to be water-wise.


Previous Meetings

April Meeting: Wendy Krupnick, Organic and Carbon Gardening.
Thursday. April 7th, 7 pm

For the vaccinated, masks are not required, however, if you feel more comfortable you may, of course, wear one.

Wendy Krupnick bio:

March Meeting: Steven Sando of Rancho Gordo, Your Pals in the Bean Business
Thursday. March 3rd

For the vaccinated, masks are not required, however, if you feel more comfortable you may, of course, wear one. If unvaccinated, please wear a mask.
Rancho Gordo has led the revival of interest in Heirloom Beans. From growing the best and most interesting beans available, to making sure all crops are fresh and a pleasure to cook with, to providing you with great instructions, recipes and tips here on our website, on our blog and most importantly, through our bi-monthly email newsletter, we want you to make the best beans. There are no excuses for bad beans when it's so easy to make a rich, delicious pot of creamy goodness.


January Meeting: Earth Care Alliance

Thursday. January 6th

Virginia Bertelsen of the Sonoma FCC Earth Care Alliance will join us to introduce some of the pilot program they offered this year given by the founder, Pat Cane PhD., of Capacitar International.

”Capacitar Self-Care Practices to Accompany Youth and Other Climate Activists in Our Climate Emergency”.

The Earth Care Alliance will tell us the story of Capacitar’s mission to “ Heal Ourselves, is to Heal the World” by their teaching simple movements of body and mind wellness practices.

Earth Care trained members with the work of Capacitar will lead us into some of these simple practices that have been proven to help manage stress, improve mental focus, strength, and resilience ...critical tools in this time of climate emergency.

Capacitar International is a nonprofit organization founded 35 years ago, and is working in 40 different countries around the world. It is located in Soquel, California.

Contact person from the Earth Care Alliance is Virginia Bertelsen

Also here is a Link to a 20 min. Video telling the story of Capacitar.

Paul Martinez: Sonoma Valley Wholesale Nursery

Thursday. November 4th
Social time beginning at 6:30 pm, with presentation to start at 7 pm

Sonoma Valley Wholesale Nursery

Paul Martinez is an industry iconoclast whose passion for growing plants was sparked by his mother at a very early age.

His love for horticulture is grounded by a deep respect and amazement for the environment and its potential to adapt. Before “sustainable” became a buzzword, he cultivated plants free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for PDM Landscape which was the ornamental landscape installation, maintenance and construction company he founded in the 1980’s. During his forty years of experience in applying that trade all over Sonoma and Napa Valleys he became convinced that organic and sustainable practices go hand in hand.

It was a lack of reasonably priced locally sourced landscape plants grown organically that inspired Paul to start Sonoma Valley Wholesale Nursery (SVWN). His vision for the nursery had been a long held dream and come into being in 2009. At SVWN Paul mixes up certified organic potting soils to grow plants in containers. The nursery’s focus on sustainability demands the discipline necessary to cultivate plants that will translate to the customer’s native environments better than any other container-grown plan material. “I spend an inordinate amount of time in the field observing plants in various stages of growth” says Martinez. Paul believes that the quality of every in- ground landscape is observed five years after planting.

Paul strives to share his knowledge with like- minded gardeners which is why we are fortunate to have him be with us. He will bring handouts and some plants to share. Please visit his very impressive website and look at the posted video:

Past Events

Autumn Plant Sale

Water-Wise Plants • Succulents • Vegetables • Perennials • Annuals

Saturday - October 9, 2021, 9:00 AM - Noon

Altimira Middle School
17805 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, CA

October is prime time to plant perennials and winter vegetables while the soil is still warm and sunlight is good. Annuals can be added to the garden to fill spaces where other plants have faded from their summer growth. 

Proceeds from the sale benefit a high school scholarship, Sonoma Valley school and community gardens, and the Monarch Pollinator Garden in Sonoma.

Pay by cash or check


October Meeting: Pollinators: The Little Ones That Run the World

Thursday. October 7th
Social time beginning at 6:30 pm, with presentation to start at 7 pm

One third of the food people eat is made possible by small insects that carry pollen from one flower to another flower of the same type of plant. If flowers do not receive pollen, the result is that fruit, nuts, grains, and vegetables cannot grow. In addition to the human diet, fruits and seeds derived from insect pollination are a major part of the diet of approximately 25% of all birds, and of mammals ranging from small herbivores to grizzly bears.

The garden managers of the Monarch Pollinator Garden in Sonoma will show how each person can help these essential creatures to thrive, with beautiful visuals of the garden and pollinators. Their mission is to create a swath of healthy pollinator gardens and landscaping throughout Sonoma Valley.

Water Efficient Practices with Brandon Steiner of the Valley of the Moon Water District

Thursday. August 5th
Social time beginning at 6:30 pm, with presentation to start at 7 pm

Burlingame Hall, First Congregational Church
252 W. Spain St.Sonoma, CA


Brandon Steiner has been a Water System Operator II with the Valley of the Moon Water District (VOMWD) since 2016.

On July 8th, 2021, the VOMWD issued this press release:
"Valley of the Moon Water District Board Declares Stage Two Water Shortage" which included specific restrictions/prohibitions with which we must comply.  The district has been led to move from voluntary conservation to mandatory water use restrictions.

Brandon will provide basic information and also answer questions about individual needs and circumstances.

As a viable and well connected club, we've always been aware of the importance of wise water usage. However, the current restrictions make it a good time to revisit and renew our watering goals to keep our gardens growing well in spite of the current water challenge.  Check out their website: